Pennsylvania Railroad 50 Foot Flatcar

Author: donoteat
Last revision: 15 Apr at 04:36 UTC


Thanks to recent advancements in the field of bolting wooden planks to steel beams, the PRR’s Altoona shops have introduced this revolutionary flatcar, capable of carrying almost any product imaginable*!

(*Except logs, which might roll off. Research into adding big sticks on the side of the car to prevent this is ongoing.)


Introduced: 1929. (Never expires!)
Weight: 15 tons
Maximum Speed: 79 MPH
Maximum Capacity: (48/4) = 12
Cargos: Planks, Steel, Machines, Tools, Goods, Grain, Slag, Coal, Iron, Oil, Fuel, Crude Oil, Construction Materials, Food, Livestock. (Not logs!)

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