BD Advanced Stations

Author: Big Dawg KS
Last revision: 18 Apr at 00:06 UTC


This adds a new variant of passenger through station that has more complex parameters than the vanilla stations. This variant can support multiple station configurations, including (but not limited to):
•Curved stations
•Stations with through tracks
•Island platform only
•Optional street connections on both sides
•Selection of station building size
•Mixed track type and electrification

The station is divided into three parts, each with their own parameters:
Main or center part
A-Side (right hand side)
B-Side (left hand side)

The track configuration for each part can be selected independently. The parameters are named in the format of "P..x..P", which describes the track layout. "P" refers to a platform track, where "x" refers to a through track. So, for example, "PxxP" would be two through tracks surrounded by platform tracks on either side (a total of 4 tracks). Additionally, you can select "None" for a section to exclude it.

These stations support the same curvature parameter used by the official curved stations mod by Urban Games, and thus requires that mod to be active in order to run.

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