Goya’s Stahlfachwerkbrücke – Repaint by AveXx- (Converter needed!, see Description !)

Author: sYn|AveXx
Last revision: 14 Apr at 18:22 UTC


Repaint of Goya’s Stahlfachwerkbruecke 1.1 (TF Mod) – Converter needed ! ,

Model is not by Me!, I just twecked the texture to my liking


!!!! Converter is found here: https://www.transportfever.net/filebase/index.php/Entry/2627-TF-Mod-Konvertierung-TF-Mod-Converter/ !!!!

To install the Converter just put the modfolder into the Game installfolder e.g. found under:

X:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonTransport Fevermods ("X" stands for the HDD you’ve installed Steam/the Game)

or whereever you installed your Game.

Merk in transportfever.net Forum : "it’s best to have the Converter on top of the list of active mods, so it won’t interfere with other script mods."


Have Fun


>> If you want to contact with author visit this mod's original page.


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