British Rail Class 47

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Author: killakanz
Last revision: 16 Apr at 21:33 2017 UTC


British Rail Class 47 Diesel locomotive, by killakanz
Unlocks in 1962
Comes in 4 liveries: BR Green, BR Blue, EWS Maroon and Railfreight 2-tone grey.

This mod was originally made for Train Fever, it has since had extensive work done for Transport Fever.

This latest update brings new models for all previous livery varients and introduces a new 4th livery: British Rail Green (2-tone). It also adds new audio effects.

– 4 liveries.
– Interiors with drivers.
– Spinning fans and animated vent flaps.
– New sound effects, including idling, drive and acceleration audio.
– Custom particle effects (exhaust smoke).
– Recolour maps for all liveries, as well as dirt and rust.
– GUI icons.
– Price and running costs set by the game’s financial balancing system.

Top Speed: 153.0
Weight: 112.0
Power: 2750.0
Tractive effort: 245.0
(game’s default units)

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