Mail Add-on for Cargo

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Author: overcomeon
Last revision: 1 Feb at 14:31 2018 UTC


This MOD adds mail to the cargo of the goods transport vehicle. (truck, wagon, ship, plane and etc.)


Please add this MOD after the order of PostMOD(BETA or Release Version) and NewIndustryMOD.

Required Mods

  • Add-on mail for All goods cargo transport vehicles.
  • Advanced: TpFMM (transport fever mod manager)[] mod settings;
    • enable/disable Base vehicles
    • enable/disable Mods vehicles
    • enable/disable Dlcs vehicles
    • enable/disable carrier of Road/Tram/Rail/Water/Air vehicles
  • Advanced: In the case of Post Mod Release Version and only "MAIL" vehicles;
    • Upgrade to "MAIL" and "UNSORTED_MAIL" vehicles.
  • Advanced: In the case of only New Industry 2.5x and "UNSORTED_MAIL" vehicles;
    • Downgrade to only "MAIL" vehicles.

This MOD will only maintenance such as bug fixes.

Required items:
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Post Mod BETA von nownOn Steam
New Industry 2.54On Steam