Flexible Train Stations (v1.5.12)

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Author: SoftwareSimian
Last revision: 23 Sep at 22:18 UTC


Train stations with independent curving of each end, additional road connections, sloping, adjustable platform spacing, underground platforms.

Stations can be curved with finer control of curvature than standard Curved Train Stations mod.
Curvature at each end is controlled independently (different radii (or straight), and/or different directions (S-curve)).
There are 27 levels of curvature available, spaced smoothly between 120m and 3000m radius.

Can optionally add additional road connections at far ends of stations so any building close to even a long station will be in the catchment area. Road connections can be left/right/both sides of track, at either/both ends and/or in the middle (from 0 to 6 road connections). Station building can also be disabled.
Road connection can be up to 10m to 100m long (default: 30m), you can also choose one of 26 types of road (8 choices each for city/country in each old/new era) to best fit the environment.

Transit tracks (0-4) can optionally be added to building-side and/or far-side of station, and/or in between the middle set of platforms. Transit tracks are not counted towards the number of tracks in the station, and they’re not actually part of the station, but left as blank space for the player to lay as they choose. This allows different track types (e.g. high-speed electrified transit tracks while station is standard track), as well as crossovers on transit tracks within stations.

Underground platform (0-8) can optionally be added. Undeground track angle is independent of surface tracks. At least one surface track is required, but overground and underground track lengths (40m-440m) need not be the same.

Overall elevation adjustment (-9m to +12m) can be applied to the entire surface station.
Surface station can be sloped to match hill slope, up to 4 degrees (1 deg ~= 1.75% grade)

Freight Train Station with 14m (standard) platforms, 9m platform to match standard passenger train station track spacing, or 10m/15m spacing to match natural multi-track spacing. This mod will let you easily join a passenger and cargo station directly together, which you can’t do normally since the cargo stations have wider (14m) platforms than the passenger stations (9m). Using 10m/15m spacing you can also join a station directly to parallel tracks, or other stations with transit tracks like Cargo Station Without Middle Ramp or Small Freight Station.

Freight Train Station adds pedestrian underpass because default cargo train station lets pedestrians walk over the tracks even when a train is coming.

Passenger and Freight stations may be placed back-to-back with an underground connection tunnel that allows pedestrians and cargo to cross from one side to the other. This is possible only if the station has an odd number of tracks and there are no undeground tracks. Note: currently a beta-grade feature, you may run into collision errors under some circumstances, I’m still trying to fix this.

This mod is largely based on the Curved Train Stations mod, which is not required to use this mod (but will not conflict if installed).
Compatible with the (recommended) Bigger Train Stations mod allowing stations 40m-1000m, and 1-48 tracks. Note, however, that very long (>~520m depending on track configuration) stations will not work correctly with underground tracks ("terminals not connected") since the underground platforms are outside the catchment area of the end of the overground tracks; this is a limitation of the game engine.

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