Pennsylvania Railroad Pioneer III & Silverliner II

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Author: donoteat
Last revision: 15 Nov at 04:33 2017 UTC


The Pioneer III and Silverliner II were two closely-related Budd-designed multiple unit cars.

The Pioneer III was derived from a demonstrator lightweight passenger car which Budd had unsuccessfully attempted to market to various railroads. The Pennsylvania Railroad added a pantograph and traction motors, and ordered six of what became the "MP85" class.

These proved unsuccessful in their intended role as intercity multiple units — the cars rattled and bumped at high speed due to their light weight, and were soon relegated to commuter service.

The Silverliner II was derived from the Pioneer III design, expressly built for commuter service. With 2 + 3 seating, it proved immensely successful on the PRR’s Philadelphia suburban lines, only being retired in 2013.

This pack includes the Pioneer III in PRR livery, and the Silverliner II in PRR and SEPTA livery.

Stats for nerds:

Pioneer III
Power: 300 HP per car
Capacity: 88/4 = 22 passengers per car
Max Speed: 100 mph
Introduced: 1958
Weight: 45 tons per car

Silverliner II
Power: 300 HP per car
Capacity: 127/4 = 31 passengers per car
Max Speed: 85 mph
Introduced: 1963 (PRR) 1965 (SEPTA)
Weight: 50 tons per car

Additional features: Shiny and chrome!