Illinois Central Highliner EMU

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Author: donoteat
Last revision: 14 Nov at 00:51 2017 UTC


The Illinois Central purchased these double-deck EMUs in 1971 to augment their fleet of single-level cars on the IC Electric commuter line out of Chicago. They provided dependable service until their retirement in 2016.

This pack contains two skins: the original Illinois Central plus the later Metra paint scheme, introduced in 1971 and 1984, respectively. Both are set up to be purchased in married pairs.


Power: 530 HP per car
Capacity: (156*2)/4 = 78 passengers per married pair, or 39 per car
Max Speed: 80 mph
Introduced: 1971, Metra version in 1984
Weight: 70 tons per car
Additional features: all-aluminum construction, gallery style seating for quicker ticketing, trapdoor on one side for low platforms, slightly more detail than my Cities: Skylines version